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Fiscal Representation

Fiscal Representation refers to the arrangement where a company appoints a Fiscal Representative (also refered to as a Tax Agent) to fulfil its VAT obligations in a foreign country where it conducts business but does not have a physical presence or a registered entity.

Fiscal Representation

Fiscal representation (tax representation) is vital for businesses involved in cross-border activities as it offers specialised expertise in foreign tax regulations, helping to prevent costly compliance errors and penalties, whilst also ensuring a competent point of contact for communication with tax authorities.

In the context of VAT (Value Added Tax), each country has its own regulations and requirements for the collection and reporting of VAT.
Traditionally fiscal representation is required when a company has a warehouse in a particular country, imports or exports from/to that country ,sells to local or European clients, it may be required to register for VAT in that country and comply with its VAT laws.

Fiscal representation comes into play when a company needs to appoint a local tax agent to act as its authorised representative for VAT purposes in that foreign country. The fiscal representative serves as the intermediary between the company and the local tax authorities.

VAT Registration: 

Our company has been acting as a fiscal representative in the EU for many foreign clients for over 40 years. RMB would be happy to register your company for VAT purposes across Europe and manage your VAT obligations and fillings while acting as your trusted fiscal representative. 

Ensure VAT Compliance:

Our dedicated fiscal representation services ensure your company's full compliance with VAT-related obligations, including accurate invoicing, meticulous record-keeping, and timely submission of VAT returns.

Efficient Communication with Tax Authorities:

RMB will act as a reliable point of contact between your company and local tax authorities, expertly handling inquiries, audits, and disputes concerning VAT matters.

Expert Representation at Administrative Proceedings:

In case of administrative proceedings like VAT assessments or appeals, RM Boulanger can effectively represent your company with local tax authorities, safeguarding your interests.

Streamlined VAT Refunds: 

If your company is eligible for VAT refunds in foreign countries, our fiscal representation services simplify the refund process, ensuring precise documentation submission and effective communication with tax authorities on your behalf.
In case your company is not registered for VAT in France but you would like to ask for a VAT refund using the specific 13th Directive procedure, RM Boulanger can also act as your fiscal representative and manage the refund claim. 


It's important to note that the requirements for fiscal representation can vary from country to country. Some countries may require mandatory fiscal representation for non-resident companies, while others may have optional or simplified procedures. It is advisable for companies engaging in cross-border transactions to seek advice from our expert tax agents to ensure compliance with the local regulations.


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