VAT Registration

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." Dutch quote

Everything about VAT registrations and things to know before you start your activities in the Netherlands.

VAT registration in the Netherlands is something you will have to think about as soon as your company starts doing business on the Dutch territory. Even if the Dutch Tax Administration does its best to simplify customs and VAT processes, many transactions still require business operators to apply for a VAT registration in the Netherlands.

In order to know if your company has to apply for a VAT registration in the Netherlands, feel free to call RMB’s experts. They will ask you a few questions about your flows of goods and invoicing and will tell you if a VAT registration in The Netherlands is required. They will also inform you about the mentions that have to appear on your sales invoices.

VAT regulations are complex matters and penalties quickly become significant. It is therefore important to be fully VAT compliant. We then warmly recommend to anticipate your possible VAT registration in The Netherlands as the process itself takes multiple weeks.

One of RM Boulanger’s key commercial argument is our independency and our specialization in European VAT compliance for foreign companies in all 27 EU Member States. Most of our competitors are part of large firms and provide VAT services among many others.

Once your VAT registration in the Netherlands is completed, RMB can take care of the filing of your VAT returns. You will then make sure that your transactions are reported properly to the Dutch Tax Administration. Asking RMB to handle your VAT registration in the Netherlands will make you save time and energy.

Cross border VAT is a very complex and changing matter. We then believe that focusing on our core business is the best way to offer reliable services to our clients. Being independent also allows us to provide our clients with immediate and practical solutions entirely adapted to their specific cases.

Do you need a VAT number in the Netherlands?

A VAT registration in The Netherlands is requested if:

  • You have Intra-Community Supplies of goods from the Netherlands to other EU countries
  • You organize exports of goods from The Netherlands outside the EU
  • You sell goods to Dutch private consumers (B to C domestic sales)
  • You provide refurbishment or construction services on the French territory for private clients

If your company has these kinds of operations, then your company will have to apply for a VAT registration number in The Netherlands.

VAT rates in the Netherlands

1. Standard VAT rate

The Dutch standard rate is 21%.

2. Reduced VAT rate

The reduced VAT rate in the Netherlands is 6% and applies on (list is not exhaustive) :

  • Supply of food and beverage,
  • Hotel accommodation,
  • Transport of passengers,
  • Medication.

VAT registration process

In case your company has to apply for a VAT registration in the Netherlands, RMB’s team will provide you with all the necessary information about the documents requested by the Dutch Tax Authorities. Once these documents are collected, RMB’s experts will proceed with your VAT registration in The Netherlands.

This process usually takes multiple weeks before your “NL” VAT number is attributed. It is then safe to anticipate it before starting doing business in the Netherlands.